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UniBond Flexible Decorators Filler Indoor Sealant



  • Easy to smooth
  • High-quality acrylic filler
  • Paintable in 10 min
  • Permanently flexible



UniBond Flexible Decorators Filler Cartridge is a high-quality instant acrylic filler which is permanently flexible and easy to smooth. Paintable and waterproof, the Unibond Flexible Decorators Filler leaves behind a smooth finish that requires no sanding. Ensure that surface is clean, dry and free of old sealant. Starting in a corner, work along the length of the area to be sealed in a smooth continuous movement. Keep the nozzle in contact with both sides of the joint as a guide. Smooth sealant with a sealant finishing tool within 5 minutes. Remove excess sealant before it dries with white spirit. Protect the sealant from water and damp. Allow to fully dry in at least 24 hours depending on bead size, temperature & humidity.


UniBond Flexible Decorators Filler Indoor Sealant

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