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Wide angle viewing to reduce blind spots. 20° horizontal and verticle adjustment. Easy to fit.



a Clean the area of the vehicles mirror where the blind spot mirror attaches with a suitable solvent to remove dirt, grease etc.


• Detach the larger backing paper from the double sided tape on the small metal fixing plate and attach to the vehicles mirror in the correct position.


• Now remove the smaller circular backing paper from the other double sided tape.


• Remove the rubber screw caps off the fitting screws, it may be necessary to unscrew the screws slightly to aid space to fit to mirror. - Once in the correct position, carefully tighten screws with a suitable posi-drive screwdriver. Do not over-tighten as this may result in a broken vehicle mirror.


• Now sit in the vehicle and adjust mirror into the required position.



• Only fit to vehicles side mirrors, do not attempt to fit to an area that this device was not intended.

• Excessive angle adjustment may damage this product. Fold vehicles mirrors in-ward when taking vehicle through automatic car wash.

• Do not adjust this blind spot mirror while driving.

• This blind spot mirror will not be guaranteed if misused or incorrectly fitted.

Auto Care Blind Spot Mirror

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